Thomasville Modern Beauty Portraits

Hello Gorgeous!

I specialize in Modern Women's Portraiture, which is fashion and beauty inspired shoots designed to showcase the beauty in each and every woman today!

I guide you through your session experience, from wardrobe consulatation to makeup and hair artistry to achieve the look you want for your portraits.

On your shoot day you will enjoy a day of being pampered as I guide you through your shoot to capture the amazing and beautiful woman that is YOU!

We all have a beautiful light within us, let me remind you. 



Modern Beauty Portraits are about empowering women and celebrating their beauty through modern glamour photography.

From the busy mom who never takes time for herself, to the strong business woman who is striving to be at the top of her game or the self less giver who is always thinking of others, or the girl next door who never saw herself as's your time to SHINE!

I want you to see yourself the way that your loving family and friends see you, a beautiful soul who is special in so many ways!

While my primary focus is women, feel free to include that special someone in your shoot. Call 850-528-3918 to start planning your dream beauty session today!