What to Wear Tips from a Thomasville Photographer

So you've met a photographer that you really like. You've settled on a date and the weather looks gorgeous. Yay! Then.... panic starts to settle in! Suddenly you realize you've got to coordinate everybody's outfit. First of all, take a deep breath! We've ALL been there, even your photographer! I probably over analyze and stress about our clothes more than the regular person. So today I am taking a minute to give you some tips to prepare you for your next shoot and give you an idea of what to wear and what not to wear. 

Firstly, make sure you are actually comfortable in whatever outfit you choose. Believe me, it will show though your expression in your images if you are not! Next, take into account your skin tone. You want to remember to pick colors and tones that compliment your skin, not wash you out. Also certain colors, expecially extremely bright and flashy colors, such as neons, can create major color cast in your images and project onto your skin.  So its best to steer clear of those.

One main thing to avoid is wearing clothing with large logos or graphics. This includes childrens clothing with characters on them. You eye will naturally be drawn to them as opposed to your child's beautiful face being front and center in the image. 

On the other hand, to make an image more interesting, adding different fabrics and textures such as lace really helps to accent your images without drawing too much attention. Layering with blazer or textured scarf is a great way to add style to your portrait wardrobe!

Unless you are going for a high key image I suggest staying away from whites. If you love a softer, lighter palette mix soft creams with neutral tans or greys to achieve a clean and classic look without being dated. 

It's ok and even adds interest to add a piece or two with plaids or patterns as long as they are in the same tone and done in a subtle way. You want to have your family clothing choices harmonize with each other while still letting each family members personality shine through their individual style. Lastly, dont forget to check shoes choices! Even the best outfit doesn't look as good if you have to pair it with ratty tennis shoes with bright orange laces! (I am speaking from experience, totally did this with my own kids! Ugh) 

When investing in a professional photographer and the expense of gorgeous canvas, prints or albums, be sure to think about the little details that will make these portraits come together in a beautiful way as these images will be enjoyed and looked at for years to come! 

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